Being Extraordinary 

'How to live life on purpose'

By Ian Lock

Put aside all your preconceptions about personal development. Ian Lock’s Being Extraordinary isn’t just an important read, it’s a big conversation with a trusted friend, sharing experiences and insights, asking challenging questions, and pushing you to reach further, explore deeper and achieve more. This life-changing book will help you:

  • Determine who you most want to be and the difference you want to make

  • Clarify the values and beliefs that will best support you 

  • Recognise what you really, really care about in this world

  • Discover your self confidence by exploring your accomplishments and talents (everybody has them!)

  • Understand your impact on others and the importance of reputation

  • Create your personalised road map to living an extraordinary life, on purpose

Long recognised for his personal development and leadership coaching by organisations as diverse as Boots UK, Pizza Express, Make a Wish, London Business School and the Civil Service, Ian Lock’s unparalleled approach to helping individuals unlock their full potential is now available in this easy-to-read-and-implement guide, accessible to all.

“When people are focused on Being Extraordinary their lives take on a new sense of purpose,” says Ian Lock. “They are more alive and have far more opportunities to fulfil their hopes, dreams and ambitions. Quite simply, the focus on Being Extraordinary has helped thousands of people in the business world achieve more than they ever imagined was possible.”

“Ian and I worked together over a period of about 5 years unleashing new and different possibilities… He brings people together and helps them discover the way through on what can seem impossible… that afterwards everyone is thinking that was no problem and with my new found confidence anything becomes possible.”

Simon Roberts, COO, Boots UK

“This book should be required reading for anyone who has reached a place where they want to do more with their life. Approach it with caution. It may help you feel free.”                                                                         

    —Anthony Landale, Author, Consultant & Coach

Ian Lock is available for interview and to write features