Changing People's Lives

am constantly inspired by just how many people are being extraordinary and doing extraordinary things with other people that make a difference.  I was sent a wonderful DVD by a friend and colleague for Christmas:  WASTE LAND.  This is the story of VIK MUNIZ working with the Catadores in Brazil, Muniz’s home country. A country he moved from following a shooting incident from which he received compensation enabling him to go to Brooklyn.Muniz wants to make a bigger difference, and wants to be part of changing people’s lives. His ambition is to change the lives of people with the materials that they deal with every day. In Jardim Gramacho the material is people’s waste. It is one of the biggest land fill sites in the world, if not the biggest. At the time of the film making there was no recycling facility in Rio de Janeiro and the people, the catadores, do the job of recycling – of picking through truck loads of rubbish and sorting it into buckets. Muniz meets catadores who are proud, some sad, and some whose lives are changed by participating in creating with Muniz and his team pieces of art that are photographed and one of which is sold at auction to raise funds for the catadores workers co-operative founded by one of the catadores.

Anni Townend

Get Inspired: Books

10 Books that will help you Be Extraordinary

By Anthony Landale

1. It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do about it by W Mitchell

This is about a man who has faced some seemingly insurmountable challenges – a book that addresses the human spirit and it’s yearning to overcome. A message about how to take responsibility for your life whatever comes your way.

2. Touching the void by Joe Simpson

If you don’t know the story of this climber and his life changing account of his climb in the Peruvian Andes then you are in for a treat. Vivid, heart stopping, terrifying and at the same time very human.

3. Three cups of tea by Greg Mortensen

How is one man making a massive difference to the life of women in another part of the world? A book that helps you to think about what’s really possible

4. The life we are given by George Leonard and Michael Murphy

This is a book about how with practice you can transform your body, mind, heart and spirit. Real stories about the pioneering programme Integral Transformative Practice

5. Thefinal lecture by Randy Pausch

We may not be able to change the cards we are dealt but how do we play our hand? This book is all about what matters most

6. The way of the peaceful warrior by Dan Millman

An athlete goes on a spiritual journey. If you enjoy books about how you sometimes need to go way beyond what feels comfortable then Dan Millman is for you.

7. Illusions by Richard Bach

A man meets a modern day messiah. A fable beautifully written and imagined. Transformational.

8. Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen

Sshort stories of life and death and about what makes life worth living. Another book to inspire you

9. The Heart Aroused by David Whyte

This book by one of my favourite modern day thinkers asks the question how you bring poetry andsoul into the workplace

10. Radical acceptance by Tara Brach

Don’t give in to your judgements and limiting beliefs. Learn how to notice and live with them