Get Inspired: Never Give Up

Here’s a great video that demonstrates the power of having someone believe in you and the extraordinary difference that this can make to what we believe is possible.  Years ago I remember hearing on the radio someone talking about their success and when asked what they put this down to she said that throughout her mother had believed in her. So through all the ups and downs, the failures as well as the successes, her mother was there believing in her for who she was – and that this was what helped her be extraordinary.

Sometimes it starts with someone else believing in us, having faith that we can do what seems to us (and seemingly the rest of the world) impossible – and their belief in us has a small chink of possibility open up to us, we just think that it might be worth having a go, making a start and we reach towards the impossible. Only to find that our belief in ourselves grows and that after all we can do it!

By Anni Townend