Who do you feed to be extraordinary?

Sometimes being extraordinary is all about the choices we make. I love this story as it describes how we can all wrestle with the different sides of ourselves.

It was night in the desert and the old Cherokee Indian was sitting around the fire with his granddaughter who he loved. They would often talk of the great mysteries as well as the simple things in life and on this occasion, after some time, the little girl asked a question that was on her mind.
“How is it that some of the time you are so gentle and kind and have time to play and talk to me but at other times you are so fierce and angry?”

And the grandfather looked at the girl and was quiet for a moment before he replied. “Do you know that in everyone there is a battle between two big wolves? The first wolf is no good. This wolf tries to force what he wants onto others and when he is thwarted and doesn’t get his own way he gets angry. When you see that wolf you will see its cruel mouth, its false pride, its arrogance and envy.
“But the other wolf has, as you say, a completely different nature,” he continued. “This second wolf is generous and contented. It thinks of its family and knows that more than anything they need his wisdom and it remembers that peace is always better than war. When you come across that wolf you can be sure to find love and hope, kindness and truth.”
“The problem is,” said the old Indian looking at his granddaughter “these two wolves fight in me every day.”
The little girl thought about this for a minute and then she asked her grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”
And the old Cherokee replied simply, “The one that I feed.”

Who are you choosing to feed today?